We pride ourselves in our heritage. Our biggest strength is that we belong to this land that is blessed with great tea and it’s our dream to see others also enjoy authentic, unadulterated, tasteful tea. We source all our products from the best estates in Darjeeling and follow flawless packing process ensuring freshness and quality. You can expect 100% authenticity and honesty with us and that’s our greatest offer. Only second to our top-quality tea!

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With us, it all comes down to sharing the love for great tea. Reason why you can purchase tea from us for a low minimum order quantity of 5 kgs. And at extremely competitive pricing!


True tea aficionados know what they want. If you are one of them and need a particular flavour concocted to your taste and preference, we are glad to offer you that! We have experienced tea tasters who can whip up a unique tea-flavour at your request and we will make sure it suits your taste and budget.


Our brand was born out of a passion to serve great tea all over the world. And it helps immensely that we operate from Darjeeling district, one of the world’s best tea producing region, which means we source only the best tea from select gardens across the country before we ship them to tea aficionados across the world. We believe in the simplicity of our business and it’s integrity. So, when you come on board with us, you can be sure that our business principles will definitely be your cup of tea.


A lot about the quality of the tea depends on its precision-packing. Our state-of-the-art vacuum packing practice involves three-layered aluminium packets to protect the tea from being exposed to air or moisture thus preventing the growth of microorganisms that may affect the freshness, aroma and flavour of the tea. By following this method, it is ensured that the tea remains fresh during the storage and transportation.


Great tea comes natural to us. And it’s our dream to see the world enjoy it as much as we do. We offer a range of shipping options for you depending on how quickly you need your tea. We ship to almost all destinations worldwide and the shipping charges are calculated by weight. Come, pick your flavour!

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