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Excellent gift box

This gift box is so good. and the tea leaves are so nice and taste so good. Got the best deals and offers from the GrabOn website.

Elegant and Very user friendly

Great tea

Mild and light tea. I prefer this to normal tea. Will recommend.

Great starter pack

This is a good started pack to get into different teas. I liked the Kashmiri Kahwa, so I purchased more of it.
I would not recommend this if it's just one person drinking one cup of tea a day. The tea leaves get old, and lose their flavor.
I got this one through cred, but I suppose you might get it for cheaper here.

Regal Tea Storage Jar (Small)

Tastes good

It is one of the best ctc tea

Brilliant taste

Loved the taste of it.

Kashmiri Saffron Kahwa Tea

Zesty Orange Green Tea

Best White Tea

THis one is best and almost perfect white tea leaf. Tried so many other brands but after sometime most of them reduce their quality but this white tea from udyan still same like my first order.

Refreshing BLACK TEA

Found refreshing BLACK TEA healthy mornings after 2 months use. Found good deals in GrabOn. Price is high but good taste and smell.

Lemon Soothe Green Tea

Ayurveda Tea

It is amazing 👏. I love it.


I like the lemongrass.Green Tea.

Vogue Tea Infuser Mug

Amazing Tea

This tea is the best quality tea out there in the market. It gives a nice flavour of Chamomile flower and great taste of greeen tea. very soothing and amazing tea to drink at any point of time in the day.

Must have tea

So beautiful

Such a beauty. The gold foiling in the box looks premium and floral colours also. All tea flavours were good.


Very good looking gift box. Nice golden look. Tea aroma is pleasant

Well Made Tea cupping set !!

Really good quality set and came in a nice box as well that is perfect for traveling. The lid, cup fits perfectly and the material is of perfect thickness thus can be used for almost all teas. Its minimal and compact. Perfect for single person tea drinkers.

Nice infuser


Of course my rating is 10/10. I love this mug. Most useful. It’s romantic. One of the besties of a tea lover.

Assam Exotic Chai



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