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What makes a cup of tea a cup of tea? The leaves? The water? The love poured into it? Perhaps. Udyan Tea understands the magic that makes up a delightful cuppa, which is why we use only the best tea leaves and premium plant ingredients to create our All Natural tea blends. Free from artificial flavours or harmful additives, we guarantee 100% natural teas.

We believe in the magic of freshly plucked leaves from the tea gardens. Find out what it means to be Fresh from Source. You'll taste the difference with our teas that are sourced directly from the gardens of Darjeeling, Assam and Nepal. We ensure that you get only the finest quality teas packed in vacuum sealed pouches, keeping the freshness intact for a longer time.

Have you ever sat down and wondered why there is more to tea than the beverage? Udyan Tea will give you the answer. Tea is a healthy, delicious, and calming drink that is rich in antioxidants and polyphenols. Combining the healthy benefits of tea with the power of Ayurveda, our blends embrace the essence of a healthy lifestyle.

Our Master Tea Tasters craft artisanal teas in small batches, using only the finest quality ingredients and techniques. Sip on our classic straight teas, flavoured blends, or wellness recipes – each has its own distinctive flavour profile and nuances to discover. Veterans with over 15 years of experience of tasting more than 2 million cups of tea, concoct blends using recipes developed in-house. You'll never settle for anything less.
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alhad raje, mumbai
Udyan tea unlocked the world of fine teas to me. When I compare Udyan’s product with those of their competitors, Udyan emerges strongly as the ‘first amongst equals’. Cheers to Udyan for keeping up the highest standards of quality, consistency & assured speedy delivery.
Sharil Mary Alex, Mumbai
Letitia Baldrige said, "Tea time is a chance to slow down, pull back and appreciate our surroundings." But, in India the tea acts as a fuel to the engine that's starting the journey. And, we Indians are always in search of the perfect tea, that I believe will come to an end, once you try Udyan Tea!
Neha Revankar, Bangalore
I was introduced to the brand quite via surprise through a friend. I loved the packaging and the colours. Its soothing and clean. The small containers keep the fragrance intact and when steeping the tea without a teabag or a tea leaf holder, I love to see the colours. The taste is on point and in my household, a cup post-dinner has become the standard for us flatmates.
Alex Zorach, USA
Hopefully my reviews will help them reach more people! Your teas are impressive and I want to see your company thrive.


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Udyan Tea
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