Brewing Goodness and Awards

Sumi Mathai | August 5, 2019

Brewing Goodness and Awards

Brewing Goodness and Awards


So, what if there are no Oscars or Emmys for outstanding performance by a tea, the world still needs to know who are the reigning world champions in the brewing business. Luckily for you, The Global Tea Championship has got it covered. An independent competition, judged by tea professionals to distinguish the highest quality & best tasting teas commercially available, the championship reveals the who’s who of the tea world.

And we couldn’t be happier that one of our signature blends - Ayurveda Tea, has brought home the Bronze medal by being a winner in the Blended Black Tea category.

The prestigious championship which took place during Feb. 23 -24 at Informa Exhibitions in Boulder, Colorado, presented six Gold, 19 Silver and 32 Bronze medals to the best, premium hot loose leaf teas in various categories from around the world. Three judges tasted and evaluated all of the teas, including: Lydia Kung, importer/exporter and expert with VeriLeaf LLC in Rosemead, Calif.; Gilbert Kendzior, owner of All Points Tea Consulting LLC in Wilmington, N.C.; and Rob McCaleb, founder and president of the Herb Research Foundation in Boulder, Colorado.

Three discerning judges spent two days meticulously examining, tasting and evaluating each of the teas before choosing the winners. As per Kung, the strongest tea entries clearly exemplified the definitive features of the category in terms of leaf appearance, liquor aroma and taste. She also added that these teas possessed an inviting and nuanced complexity of flavor. “The felicitous coming together of these traits, in turn, leads us to consider how we establish benchmark teas, and how we may continually elevate these criteria.”

Our award winning Ayurveda Tea, is a potent spicy tea blend with healing properties of turmeric and an array of other herbs. It is also one of the 6 teas offered by Udyan Tea under its range of ‘health teas’. An intelligently concocted medley of spices, Ayurveda Tea offers you the goodness of tea combined with the medicinal properties of Ayurveda.

With a predominant flavor of clove, and with hints of turmeric, Ayurveda Tea will give you the soothing warmth you didn’t know you needed. Both clove and turmeric are renowned for their wellness benefits and are leading ingredients in Ayurvedic medicines. You can find more about our wellness-sponsoring teas here.

So, if you are feeling an unmistakable urge to brew one of these award winning teas, to sit down with a steaming cup and simply watch the world pass by, no worries, we got you. Head over to our selection of the best teas - both award winning and non-award winning but equally awesome blends, and pick some. Go on, it's not every day you can boast that you drank an award winning tea.

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