Rose Mulethi Chai

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Luxurious and sweet twist to your every day cup of chai



Rose Mulethi Chai is an ambitious blend by our master tea tasters that gives an interestingly sweet twist to the traditional Indian milk tea cup. The combination of sweet flavours of rose and liquorice are sweet enough for a regular tea drinker to avoid adding sugar to the brewed tea. Hence, it is very good way to lay off the extra sugar while enjoying your everyday milk tea. Overall, it is a calming and aromatic experience and a definite try for all Chai lovers.

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    Flavoured, Chai (CTC)
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    CTC Tea, Rose petals, Liquorice, Ginger


Malty flavour of Indian chai combined harmoniously with sweetness of rose and liquorice and a spicy twist of ginger
  • Appearance
  • Medium sized tea grains blended with red rose petals and bright yellow liquorice and ginger pieces

  • Aroma
  • Sweet and spicy aroma

  • Appearance
  • Golden brown

  • Aroma
  • Sweet floral aroma with notes of honey and caramel

  • Appearance
  • Copper brown grains with rose petals and yellow spices

  • Aroma
  • Floral aroma with hint of spice


  • Put 2.5 gm leaves in an empty cup
  • Pour 200 ml water at 90-95 ºC
  • Let it steep for 5 minutes
  • Strain and serve
  • Add milk & sugar as desired
Condiments :
  • Milk

  • Sugar


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ON 9/2/2018
It's an innovative variation
It's an innovative variation of our daily cup of milk tea with fragrance of rose and sweet medicinal properties of mulethi with a hint of ginger. An excellent blend of CTC tea with rose petals, mulethi and ginger. It provides a wonderful variation to our normal cup of milk tea with fragrance of roses and medicinal properties of mulethi enhanced by mild spiciness of ginger. Very pleasant and refreshing.