Our Prevention Policies for COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic has been spreading world over and disrupted our normal lives and activities. It has affected every person and business including ours. Everyone is staying indoors to protect themselves and prevent the spread of the virus in the community. We hope all our customers are safe and indoors.

Our facilities were shut for most part of the lockdown imposed by the Government of India and we have been continuing our support towards our customers and employees from home. But after the government has made tea an essential commodity and allowed e-commerce businesses in essentials to resume, we have started our operations and dispatches in a controlled manner.



At Udyan Tea, our priority is the safety of our employees, customers and the entire community. As we continue to work to ensure that you are able to get access to your favourite teas in these times, we are at the same time providing a safe working environment to our employees and making sure that all tea packages going out to our customers are handled with utmost safety and care. We are grateful for your ongoing support and trust in us.

We are complying with the local authorities and working according to the guidelines laid down by the government and WHO for hygiene and safety at work. We have laid down our own internal plan to ensure that all manufacturing, packaging and fulfilment in our facilities are following the highest standards of cleaning, sanitisation, employee hygiene, contamination prevention, employee protection and safety.



We have comprehensive contingency measures in place to reduce the impact of the current pandemic on our personnel and customers alike. Some of these are listed below for your assurance:

  • Anyone entering our premises are screened for body temperature using infrared thermometer and any visible symptoms are observed at the entry gate. A record of the same is maintained in their manual attendance log for traceability.
  • All employees and delivery partners are made to sanitise their hands at the entrance itself and personal protective gears such as masks, gloves, head cover all provided on a daily basis before starting any work.
  • Employee conditions are monitored by supervisors constantly. We have issued guidelines all employees to not attend work if his/ her body temperature is above 37.30 ͦC or his/her close contacts have visible symptoms of COVID-19. They should report such situations to local health officials.
  • Our facilities are cleaned and sanitised on a daily basis before any work is started and special care is taken to regularly wipe commonly used areas & frequently touched surfaces like door handles, tables etc. with alcohol based disinfectants.
  • Everyone at our facilities are wearing masks at all times and gloves while doing any kind of work involving handling teas or related packaging items, machines, etc.
  • We are working with just 20-25% capacity and ensuring adequate social distancing for employee health and protection.
  • All employees are trained and updated regularly on practices to follow to ensure safety at work as well as at home, during commute and elsewhere.
  • All incoming material is stored in a separate isolated area for 24 hours minimum and thereafter outer packaging is discarded and ingredients transferred into internal packaging before any further processing.
  • Our delivery partners also have ensured us about proper procedures being followed by them to ensure safe handling of parcels. Further packages are handed over to them while maintaining all procedures of social distancing and zero contact.

While we are taking the above measures to ensure that you receive your orders in the safest possible manner, there is possibility of slightly delayed dispatches and deliveries taking longer than usual. This is due to limited personnel at our facilities as well as limitations in movement of parcels through our delivery partners.

We are always ready to serve our customers in the best possible manner. However, in these times, if we do falter we request your forgiveness and patience. If you have any questions or queries regarding ordering, package handling, delivery or anything else, please do write to us.





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