Brewing Darjeeling Tea - The Right Way

Sumi Mathai | October 11, 2019

Brewing Darjeeling Tea


How to become a pro at brewing Darjeeling Tea?

It's a matter of pride for any tea lover to perfect the art of tea making as well. Even the renowned author George Orwell didn't shy away from his love for tea but went ahead and wrote an essay on how to make A Nice Cup of Tea. Of course, any British person worth his/her salt would know how to make a nice cup of tea. That doesn’t mean others should sell themselves short when it comes to brewing a nice cuppa. So, how to ace a perfect cuppa with Darjeeling tea?

Darjeeling Tea is called the ‘Champagne of Tea’. Quite a star, this one. Its variants differ by flush (or season of produce), and taste best when consumed without adding milk and sugar. One can add lemon but the connoisseurs consider it below them. Because it is said that adding lemon dilutes the richness and aroma of this variety.

Now to brew it perfectly you need to keep in mind the following points:

Most important thing. If the product is not exceptional, your experience of drinking it will be far from anything memorable. Buy from a trusted name, always. Check out Udyan Tea's collection for some of the finest options available in India.

It’s advisable to choose natural spring water or non-carbonated bottled water for preparing Darjeeling Tea. Or if you are using tap water, make sure to filter it.

The best way to steep Darjeeling tea is by placing the tea leaves in the teapot. Then allow for the desired infusion followed by filtering it with a second teapot. It is preferable not to use small infusion balls because the tea leaves do not get enough room to fully expand, thus preventing a proper infusion.

Time is money. It also defines the taste when it comes to making a great cup of Darjeeling tea. The steeping time varies for different types according to the tea type, tea flush, and can only be perfected by trial and error method until you discover what suits you best. For Darjeeling Black Tea, start with a steeping time of 5 minutes and vary as per your preference.

Yes, this is true art. And hard work too. Before pouring the steeped tea into a teapot for serving, it is advisable to heat the teapot with boiling water to keep the tea hot for a longer period. Then after few minutes, empty the water and then filter the tea.

So, now that you know the rules of brewing it right, aren’t you excited to try it? Additionally, keep in mind that storing is also important. Store the tea leaves in an airtight (preferably) aluminium container in a cool and dry place. We at Udyan Tea, deliver all our teas, vacuum packed in aluminium foil packs, to ensure you receive your teas as fresh as possible. We recommend that you follow proper storage procedures to ensure the tea leaves remain fresh for a long time.

Happy steeping!

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