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  • How Green Tea Helps in Weight Loss

    Green tea is an invigorating drink with a pack of many health benefits and has gained instant popularity globally over the last few years. It is minimally processed and unoxidized. The tea plant of green tea is an evergreen of the Camellia family. The leaves of green tea are picked and

  • 5 Surprising Health Benefits of Hibiscus Tea

    Hibiscus is a bright, trumpet-shaped flower widely famous for its beauty and tantalizing taste. This is a genus of flowering plant in a mallow family, Malvaceae. The genus is quite large, comprising several hundred species that are native to warm temperate, subtropical and tropical regions

  • Understanding Tea Flushes: When Was Your Tea Flushed?

    "And the seasons they go round and round," sang Joni Mitchell talking about the carousel of time. However, we're going to talk about the carousel of tea which reveals a unique flavour each time it goes around. Incidentally, the tea carousel is also affected by the seasons. There are multiple ways

  • Goomtee Tea Estate: Making the Best Tea is Their Cup of Tea

    Henry Montgomery Lennox, a British pioneer and tea lover, was exploring the Himalayan foothills in 1899, in what would later become the great state of West Bengal, when he came across a region where the steep green hills met the rolling clouds. The fog cleared for a moment and sunrays shone down


    Raise your hands if your day doesn’t begin unless you have a cup of tea in the morning. Also, raise your hands if your day doesn't quite feel right unless you have a few cups of this magic potion entering your system every few hours. Yes, you are a true tea lover. Wait, that’s not it.

  • Health Benefits of Green Tea

    One drink. Innumerable benefits. That’s green tea for you. It’s that best friend you should have and should be hanging out more with if you are planning to lead a healthy life. Green tea has been around for for a long time now, offering to make our lives better and healthier.