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  • Brewing Goodness and Awards

    So, what if there are no Oscars or Emmys for outstanding performance by a tea, the world still needs to know who are the reigning world champions in the brewing business. Luckily for you, The Global Tea Championship has got it covered. An independent competition, judged by tea professionals to

  • The Art of Brewing Green Tea

    If you've tried green tea a few times and you found it bitter or tasteless, most probably it was because the tea wasn't brewed properly. A perfectly brewed cup of green tea has subtle nuanced flavours and isn't bitter at all. Brewing green tea is an art form; just ask the Japanese who've

  • Understanding Tea Flushes: When Was Your Tea Flushed?

    "And the seasons they go round and round," sang Joni Mitchell talking about the carousel of time. However, we're going to talk about the carousel of tea which reveals a unique flavour each time it goes around. Incidentally, the tea carousel is also affected by the seasons. There are multiple ways

  • Subscription Launch: Let the Tea Adventures Begin!

    If you are a tea lover with an adventurous soul, we have some great news for you! We are aware of the fascinating, yet often frustrating journey every tea lover goes through; discovering, tasting and sorting according to preference, the hundreds of different varieties of teas out there. To make

  • Udyan Tea Invited to ATCF's Digital Champions Workshop in Singapore

    Udyan Tea was honored to be the only company from India to be invited to the 2nd Digital Champions Workshop in Singapore on 21st August 2017. Parvez Gupta, one of the founders of Udyan Tea, attended the workshop. The Digital Champions Workshop was started in May this year, by the Asian Trade

  • Goomtee Tea Estate: Making the Best Tea is Their Cup of Tea

    Henry Montgomery Lennox, a British pioneer and tea lover, was exploring the Himalayan foothills in 1899, in what would later become the great state of West Bengal, when he came across a region where the steep green hills met the rolling clouds. The fog cleared for a moment and sunrays shone down

  • We just got ourselves a delicious makeover!

    We are Udyan Tea, based in Darjeeling district, and we possess a boiling passion to spread the joy of a great cup of tea as far and wide as possible. While we have kept the top-notch quality of our tea intact, we have given our website a new look and feel. Our aim was to make the user experience

  • Tasting tea at the highest tea plantation in the world

    “Are you a beach person or a mountain person?” I usually don’t let the person even complete the question before I blurt out eagerly ‘MOUNTAIN MOUNTAIN ALWAYS MOUNTAIN’. I am a mountain person. Mountain over beach, any day. This indubitable preference can also be


    Raise your hands if your day doesn’t begin unless you have a cup of tea in the morning. Also, raise your hands if your day doesn't quite feel right unless you have a few cups of this magic potion entering your system every few hours. Yes, you are a true tea lover. Wait, that’s not it.

  • Brewing Darjeeling Tea – The Right Way

    How to become a pro at making Darjeeling Tea? It’s a matter of pride for any tea lover to perfect the art of tea making as well. Even the renowned author George Orwell didn’t shy away from his love for tea but went ahead and wrote an essay on how to make A Nice Cup of Tea. Of course,

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