Digestive Tea

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Soothe your stomach with this Ayurvedic blend for your digestive health



Digestive tea has been crafted by our tea masters using carefully selected ingredients from Indian Ayurveda. Herbs and spices like cumin, fennel, ginger, spearmint come together in a balanced combination to deliver a cup of tea that is relaxing on the stomach and can help you digest after a heavy meal. To put the cherry on top, we have made sure that your cup of digestive tea tastes wonderful too.

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    Green, Flavoured
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    Green Tea, Fennel, Spearmint, Lemon Peel, Cumin, Ginger


Mild tangy flavour with notes of ginger and minty with a slighty salty aftertaste
  • Appearance
  • Mixed of light green, dark green and brown leaves and spices

  • Aroma
  • Spicy and minty aroma

  • Appearance
  • Light Yellow

  • Aroma
  • Minty with hint of salt and spice

  • Appearance
  • Mixed of light green, dark green and brown leaves

  • Aroma
  • Aroma of salt, spice and mint with slight grassy notes towards the end


  • Put 2.5 gm leaves in an empty cup
  • Pour 200 ml water at 75-80 ºC
  • Let it steep for 2-3 minutes
  • Strain and serve
Condiments :
  • Drink Plain


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By >Nisha
Level Enthusiast (3)
ON 1/19/2019
Home made recipe
It is very effective and natural. It gives the feel of fresh saunf ajwain boiled water.