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  1. Elegant Teapot

    Elegant clear glass tea kettle with a bamboo lid for the perfect tea session. Infuser included.
    900 ml
  2. Zen Teapot

    Enhance the elegance of your tea sessions with this beautifully crafted kettle. Infuser included.
    900 ml
  3. Pristine Teapot (Small)

    A stylish and modern kettle to concoct the perfect tea brew. Infuser included.
    600 ml
  4. Vogue Tea Infuser Mug

    Clear glass mug with infuser and bamboo lid. The perfect companion for your solo tea sessions.
    380 ml

    Out of stock

  5. Artisan Tea Infuser Mug

    Brew and hold your favourite tea in this stylish clear glass mug. Infuser included
    360 ml

    Out of stock

  6. Regal Tea Storage Jar (Large)

    An elegant way of storing your favourite tea
    880 ml
  7. Regal Tea Storage Jar (Small)

    Retain freshness of your favourite tea by storing in this elegant glass jar
    480 ml